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Lolita's Beverage Program

Agave and sugarcane distillates are the centerpiece of Lolita’s ambitious beverage program, with a distinct emphasis on the concept of terroir. The term hails from the Latin word "terre" or "territoire," indicating that terroir can include climate, soil, & geography - not to mention tradition, culture, & local agricultural methods.

Beverage Director Marshall Minaya (Valerie and Madame George) and Head Bartender Carlos Kennedy-Lopez (Valerie) have created a cocktail menu that features two primary categories – Tropical and Savory. Tropical flavors commonly found in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. The Savory cocktail collection showcases cocktails such as the Pico de Gallo Martini with a Oaxacan gin derived from re-milled agave fiber after a mezcal distillation, paired with a clarified pico de gallo water and manzanilla sherry.

Lolita’s house favorites will be built around cocktails that are all too familiar but come with some in house dedication and personality. Noteworthy house favorites include a margarita with house made orange curacao fortified with a blanche Armagnac, and a paloma that’s clarified and force carbonated.

Striking a unique and creative balance between traditional craftsmanship and technical art, Minaya and Carlos-Kennedy have concocted various house made liquors, bitters and syrups, all while remaining true to the culinary ethos and sourcing practices that are central to its mission.

Lastly, Lolita’s terroir focused spirits library will stock over 70 different labels, featuring an agave section that is 100% additive free, as well as dozens of spirits from around the world.

Lolita Culinary Program

Lolita’s cuisine it’s a proud exponent of our gastronomy, we follow the traditional recipes of our kitchen and we improve with a contemporary intention. The originality of Lolita’s food menu can be directly attributed to our head chef Carmelo. Originating from Puebla Mexico, Carmelo has brought his family favorites to share with us.

Our goal is to share the vibrant & authentic Mexican culture through our dishes.

Lolita’s Interior

Our interior will take you through a vibrant journey of textures and hues that offers the ultimate escape from the grind of city life. Sumptuous textures, custom woodwork, and elegant vignettes can be found at every turn. The subtlety sophisticated venue reflects Lolita’s food and beverage program as a glamorous destination, without feeling fussy. let Lolita transport you to a world that’s both modern and timeless.